Zedity™ Create Better Content in a Much Easier Way!

Zedity™ Create Better Content in a Much Easier Way!

Zedity is an innovative Editor that will amaze you for the easiness and quickness in creating content for your posts or pages. Through an intuitive visual interface, Zedity gives you total flexibility and unprecedented possibilities to achieve any desired design as easily as you’d do it on a piece of paper! Introducing Zedity, the next generation Editor…

Advantanges of using Zedity:

Design Freedom: unprecedented flexibility and possibilities to create any content you need; with no more constraints, you’re free to unleash your creativity!

Super Easy: a modern and intuitive user interface, very easy to operate with powerful operations accomplished in just few clicks with real drag and drop!

NO Coding Skills: with absolutely no technical skills required, there’s no more need to struggle with HTML/CSS code to achieve the desired effects!

Save a Lot of Time: increase your productivity, getting things done in a fraction of the time you’re used to!

Advanced Results: you can achieve professional results easily, creating designs and effects that only web developers could do before!

Responsive Design Premium: automatic scaling to see your entire content exactly as created, in responsive layouts perfectly on any device!


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  • Total Score 100%
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I love you , I love templates! Broken Link Report please!

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